Custom Made

"White Snake- The Legend"

"VEIL OF DEATH" Harley Gas Tank


Unionjack Lavalamp

Speed- Model cars

1. BMW
2. Ford GT

Before and after work

beginning: pure metall look

after: matt polishing combination with airbrush art

„Cult Of Chucky“ Speedboat model

„Cult Of Chucky“

Airbrush Art on Speedboat model
Gold pearl color for special „eye-catcher“ effect

Motorcycle "The Darkness of the Light

Two side tanks and one back part

Motorcycle helmet "Joker Face"

Black motorcycle helmet

Airbrush art
"Joker Face"

"Beautiful Darkness"


Leather sneaker white
Trash metall front and side
Original Swarovsk riverts
Silver riverts

Golden Dream- Dark Shadow

Custom made for"CLARIAGY BY CLARISSE PICO" (for more Information visit

3D artwork

"Alien"- chocolate sculpture