All about me

My name is Clarisse Pico, I am from Germany and art is my passion, live and true love.


My journey started when I was 13 years old and an old t-shirt became my very first victim.


But as older I got my love for art became bigger an bigger and just like myself my artwork growes, change and developed.


Based on all this, I found my company in the year 2010 with the exotic name NOMEN INEXTINCTUM.





A lot happened than the little girl started her journey with an old brush and shirt.


In the year of 2013, I was 20 years old; I was chosen to write my very first international step by step article for the German “AIRBRUSH STEP BY STEP MAGAZINE”.


Since then I wrote for the American “AIRBRUSH TECHNIQUE MAGAZINE”, “AIRBRUSH ACTION MAGAZINE”, the British “PINSTRIPING & KUSTOM, GRAPHICS MAGAZINE” and also for the British “KUSTOM ART MAGAZINE”, where I also became a resident article writer. And articles are coming and coming.




Additionally to my step articles and published pictures, I also make my own step by step tutorial videos, which can be found on my YouTube channel under the name “Clarisse Pico”.




One big thing is that the great Karl Lagerfeld owned one of my paintings (may he Rest in Peace), a portrait of himself and his beloved Choupette and also the German designer Guido Maria Kretschmer.




Another huge event happened in my life in the year 2018 when my painting „Erased“ where showed in the „Art Basel“ and in the year 2019 „Desire And Sin“ in the Biennial „Mantova Art Expo“. An other big event was November 2019, when a third painting, “Temptation Of Youth”, has been shown in the hall of the Gallery “Meeting Art Gallery".




But Clarisse is not a person who remains in one world.


Since 2014 I am a successful music composer.


My song “Trial And Error” was on the third place on the European Independent Artists Charts and the song “I Need You” on the Emerging Artists Charts.


I am also a designer of luxury leather handbags and accessories under the name “CLARIAGY” and also a jewelry designer under the name of “JEUNES JEWELRY”.