Nomen Inextinctum stands for high quality and unique works. Whether clothing, paintings, accessories, these works are an eye-catcher guarantees! BE UNIQUE, BE YOURSELF!

Airbrush, brush, pencil, 3D modelling... for me there are no limits. I use whatever I need to archive the ultimate realistic (but still painted) effect.

My art can be realized on almost any surface. Custom work on cars, motorcycles, bikes, helmets. Airbrush work on textiles like leather or sweatshirts. Airbrush art on canvas, wood, metal. Name it and I am YOUR man (well... woman :D )

I am an artist who use different techniques to creat exclusive, unique pieces on the most different surfaces.

My speciality is the airbrush technique but I don´t remain loyal to one technique. I also use brushes, pencils, my signature the scalpell and many more.

Art is a process of evolve and so, with each piece, I am evolving as well.